5 reasons why an online or homebased travel agency is a potential goldmine

Tired of your 9-5 job? Do you feel like regurgitating your breakfast at a mention of the words... employer? Job interview? Supervisor? Death by boring cubicle!?!?

Okay that's enough to upset your stomach, but bear with me for a second.

Some people are not born to have regular 9-5 jobs. Just like there's night and day in 24 hours, so does the world produce people with enough cunning ability to run a business.

Running a business isn't easy - but affords you a few perks that'll you'll enjoy - like not waking up early to chase the bus, or not trying to make nice with the the jerk next to your cubicle. However, what business these days is lucrative enough for you to quit your job? And mind you, does not require an MBA from Harvard, or any fancy ivy-league school?

Why not try a home-based online travel agency?

The online travel agency industry is worth millions and with customers gaining more confidence to buy online, expect revenue to hit the billion dollar mark in the next few years. When done right, an online travel agency is a potential goldmine.

Why so?

  • Tickets... we love tickets!
Planning a trip to Palau this summer? Easy. Just hit your favorite search engine with the words, "online travel agency" and popping up are millions of sites to cater to your traveling desires. Customers are discovering how easy it is to book a flight, an hotel, a rental car with just a few clicks. After processing payments with your credit card, flights plans can be printed and if a customer forgets the plans, then just browse the site again (if provided by the merchant).

  • Travel guides online. all the time.
The Internet has indeed made the world a smaller place to live in. Backpackers write stories of their tales in a certain country, communities are formed to discuss the good and bad of certain tourist spots - all these are made available 24 hours a day. Customers can now choose wisely on where and when to visit a certain country. Merchants in fact link to these sites or even make reviews just to add value to customers.

  • Online check in = shorter lines.
Nobody likes to stand in line for hours just to check in their bags. Airline companies make it easier for travelers to enjoy the airports (and shop at duty free centers), mingle a bit with the locals, or fix their belongings with online check in services.
  • Changing schedules online
Tomorrow is the day you're supposed to leave, but due to circumstances, you can't leave just yet, and and your ears are bleeding due to the busy tone you've been getting. Relax - online travel agencies have changed all that by allowing bookings to be reset easier than calling your travel agent.
  • Charge it!

Take your cue from other ecommerce sites - offer credit card processing with your free merchant account and see your revenue grow. As a merchant, starting out small but providing credit card processing increases cashflow and makes your online/homebased travel agency more reputable. Of course, most customers prefer charging it than paying by cash because of the recurring billing option.

Convenience, convenience, convenience. It all boils down to customers who don't want no hassles when making travel arrangements. A vacation is supposed to be enjoyed, and online travel agencies allows the vacation to extend right to the booking steps. By creating your niche in the travel agency business, starting it small - cut down on costs by getting a free merchant account - and providing terrific customer service - you can make it big as a home-based travel agency.

Ecommerce has just made your life easier yet again - and you can probably quit your day job now.
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