Free merchant account: making YOUR customers happy!

It's such a delight to see more and more merchants on the receiving end of the highly debated free merchant account. From the increased cashflow, the additional security measures, to the ring of customers around the world - despite the fact that it's not a totally free merchant account and security being a central issue on the net, the list of benefits goes on and on for merchants.

Ladeedaaa, it's a wonderful world....

Just a second though - so you think it's only the merchants leveraging free merchant accounts eh?

Guess again! Customers around the world are all "props to credit cards, props to Internet merchant accounts, we can shop till the break of dawn - in fact, we can go online and when the price is right - shop whenever, wherever (thanks to recurring billing too!) whoopee!!" - although there are more females rejoicing in this fact, it's undeniable - accepting credit cards has changed the way consumers do their shopping.

Shop 24/7/365
Customers around the globe are spending more time in front of the computers - happily blogging away, surfing the latest celebrity tattle, and you guessed it - shopping online. Given any holiday, shoppers are more than willing to ditch the malls and shop for their gifts and personal knick-knacks. Free merchant accounts allow merchants to sleep the night away and still make money off their online shops.

Increased Customer Confidence
Credit card giants are gearing up their security features to further cash in on the current ecommerce revolution. MasterCard has MasterCard SecureCode, while Visa has Verified by Visa. Studies of both camps claim the security of transactions determine the future of ecommerce - that is, the more secure transactions are, the more secure customers are that their financial information doesn't fall into the hands of Internet toads - the more likely they are to shop, shop, shop. Benefits merchants too!

The matrix look is OUT!
The veil of secrecy has been lifted. No longer shall customers have to disguise themselves with dark glasses or the blackest of trenchcoats when going into shops guaranteed to make their loved ones cringe. Adult Entertainment & paraphernalia is one of the largest customers of free merchant accounts, freeing customers from bad fashion, and maintaining their anonymity online. Other businesses to benefit from free merchant account are in the field of pharmacy, online gaming, and travel. Couples who wish to travel without the hassle of going to physical travel agencies to book will be amazed at the wealth of travel agency online stores at the tip of their fingers - or their mouse more specifically.

Pay. Lite.
Everything's "lite" these days - sandwiches are fat free, sodas and beers have lite varieties. Now would merchants tell us how customers can benefit from all this 'liteness'? Simple - with recurring billing! This service lets customers shop and pay staggered amounts (set by merchants of course - or sometimes by customers) at their convenience. Large purchases can be made easily(cha-ching! cha-ching!), thus leveraging impulse buying (for merchants).

Yes yes yes. Unbelievable indeed. Seeing it from the eyes of customers, you'd never know that your free merchant account - the one you had set up in 24 hours, charged you no application fees, no monthly fees, and provided the friendliest of customer support despite your unfriendly call - can benefit your customers in ways you never thought before. There are still so many unexplored ways for your customers to benefit, and this can only mean one thing for you: money. Lots of it.

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