FREE MERCHANT ACCOUNT PROVIDER - Where do your local bank's fees fit in?

by Lois Ardenne

The perfect reason why merchants are always on the lookout for the best free merchant account provider is the fact that money matters. And in credit card processing, in a really big way. Why? Because fees can get so expensive. So expensive that they would do anything to save on costs, even in a small way.

When it comes to application fees, the free merchant account provider (FMAP) takes some credit. A lot of merchants may shy away from FMAPs because they've heard enough publicity that free account are scam or mere gimmicks. But other merchants who already own free merchant accounts know better.

If you have applied for an account with a local bank, you can tell the difference. Local banks make profit off reselling credit card processing services from larger banks or direct providers. That is why they charge for application fees. A free merchant account provider won't, and will usually offer other types of money-saving features such as free credit card terminal or free setup.