Free Merchant Account: the david in goliath's world.

Many of us are familiar with how David was able to slay the giant Goliath with a stone from his sling. Some would say this is just a story in the Bible, and something as big as Goliath can't easily be slayed with pebbles that barely make a dent.

Actually, it's already happening - in the Ecommerce industry.

Let's get out of the storybook and make a mad dash to reality. Although there isn't any david-slinging-goliath you can actually see walking down your streets, you might see a small business growing big and taking over the Internet market just as google has surpassed most of its competitors in the search engine market.

The analogy here is clear: small businesses making it big.

The ease of entry into the ecommerce industry can be attributed to the rise of the home based merchant peddling their products and services to the world. Before, only the big players can field their products in the Internet Market; today one can see that even high risk businesses, however small - be it in the area of pharmacy, travel, online gaming, or adult entertainment - are readily playing the online buy and sell game.

The accolades don't just rest on one singular factor of ecommerce; some would say it's the product, others? Hmm... the seo experts they hired for gazillion of dollars, or maybe, when you think about it, let's try to make our search narrower... why not a free merchant account?

Indeed, a free merchant account isn't "free". To pass credit card payments over the Internet, a merchant account is necessary. However acquiring one requires a lot of paperwork from merchants and with time increasingly not on their side(competition is fast & fierce), a free merchant account is the quick remedy to a merchant's payment processing needs.

Merchants have to cut costs and the influx of a lot of cheap, and instant merchant account services has allowed merchants to further cut down on their expenses. This is a tremendous boost to their cash flow, and in fact, entices more merchants to start selling online.

Of course, not only do small merchants bask in the benefits of ecommerce, and the easy solution free merchant accounts provide; if you haven't noticed yet, more retail physical stores have set up their online stores just as quick and easy to accommodate the many online shoppers in their country. Or in the world.

The law of supply and demand applies to ecommerce as well - the more merchants there are, the more merchant services mushrooming, and with more suppliers, the price curve bends just right for merchants.

Unlike David and Goliath though, the winner here isn't entirely the small merchants(versus the big merchants). It is in fact the ones who buy, and that would be you, dear consumer. In the end, with ecommerce at full steam, the one who ultimately benefits from the lowered products and services, the tougher yet friendlier customer service, the faster, safer payment transactions would be the consumers who flash and stash their credit cards.

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