Free Merchant Account Tip - Offshore Orders Dangerous?

Why No to Offshore Orders

You shouldn't say no to orders from overseas. Most merchants profit solely from international transactions. You can consider yourself lucky, however, if you are able to make a decent profit without being burdened by high risk accounts and chargebacks and credit card frauds.

International merchants find solutions from credit card processing companies that let them accept international orders securely. Are you one of the smart ones who avail of these services. Sure they may seem expensive but in the end is worth the cost.

What to Tell Your Customer

If you transact international orders but employ strict credit card processing identity verifications, you should let your customers know about it as soon as they make their orders, or have these policies posted clearly in your ecommerce store. Whether they will appreciate your honesty or not is beyond your control. But for sure you will save yourself the hassle of guessing whether a customer is really a credit card thief or not. And I'm talking after all the IP geolocation, address verification, bank verification, shipment tracking and other fraud detection measures have been done. They say it's better to be safe than sorry, but with international transactions, it's way too risky to not give a damn.

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