Free Merchant Account Tip - Slow Down an Urgent Purchase

Why No to Urgent Purchases?

The "un-funny" part about fraud detection is that it takes time to show proof that a customer is who he really is. That means a couple of days, a week, two weeks, or even longer. That means you may have already lost tons of money before you know it. It's no longer an insider secret that credit card fraudsters buy as much as they can, and want those orders delivered as soon as possible.

I would say the real insider secret is that online thieves already know about this (read last statement) and so I would say with this reasoning alone it would be pretty harder to detect fraudsters now than before. What is the ecommerce merchant to do but rely on fraud detection measures that bring results in split seconds?

What to Tell Your Customer

So even though the beans have been spilled, this modus operandi can still be detected. However, I advise not to rely on this premise alone. Credit card identity thieves know all the possible ways to get past the secure anti-fraud tools. Or even without them. They anticipate what business owners think ahead of time. They can make small orders at a time, using different accounts. They may have a network of credit card fraudsters that are located in various parts of the world who can make international orders that are impossible to detect. They didn't have to rush it. You just have to be faster than them.

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