Can Volume Limit Affect Your Free Merchant Account Application?

There are way so many options for ecommerce merchants these days when it comes to processing payments online. The most common issue is whether you are a startup or an established merchant. If you are the former, is a third party processor/free merchant account your safest bet? A little analysis will reveal that yes, it may be the best for your business since a real merchant account can cost you more.

In the long run, startups will eventually find it beneficial to switch to a real internet merchant account instead of paying for the services of a free merchant account provider. Why? Because as your transaction volume grows, so does your limitation to accept more payments. You cannot process high volume payments with Paypal. But if you intend to keep things humble, Paypal and other free merchant account providers are perfect since they have very low transaction fees.

A lot of international merchants opt for a free merchant account because as a startup with a certain risk on the foreign market, third party processors offer payment acceptance capabilities without the high rates of a full-blown internet merchant account provider.