Free tips to improve your Pharmacy Merchant Site

If you're sick, knock on your doctor's door. If your car breaks down, go to the mechanic. If you need to know something... anything about pharmacy merchants and how to improve your online pharmacy, then you've just redirected the future of your online pharmacy - for free!

Online pharmacies, just like the online travel industry are thriving ecommerce businesses. Although some may question the legality of some online pharmacies, there are still a majority operating legitimately.

If you have an online pharmarcy site, here are some tips you may - or may not - follow. There are no pretensions here however - no magic formula to make online pharmacy stores as successful as you'd want it to be. Just a few prescriptions to potentially boost your revenue, and who doesn't want to swallow that happy pill?

  • Get a free merchant account
An online pharmacy is classified high risk, the nature of your transactions fall under card-not-present. This leads to a rather difficult time in acquiring your merchant account. If you try a bank, or a broker, they would, if not always, reject or refer to other sources. Refuse to experience all the hassle, and get your free merchant account! Not only would you be offering credit card processing and establishing the legality of your ecommerce store, your free merchant account allows selling to a larger market (hello world!) and allow you to process multiple currencies. PLUS, although it isn't totally free, you can convince your agent to give you freebies - free application fees, free monthly statement fees, free set up! Isn't a free merchant account nifty? Definitely!

  • Call to Action Buttons
Shopping cart abandonment is rising every year. Do you want to be part of those statistics? Adding prominent Call to Action buttons on your site reduces incidents of shopping cart abandonment, and gives the proper directions to your customers.

  • Get your customer's email address by promo
As part of your marketing strategy, getting your customer's email address is important. You can easily email them of your current promotions, or just drop a quick line to enhance customer loyalty. However, not everyone would want to disclose their email address. Make it more attractive for them to leave their email addresses by offering discount/free coupons to first time visitors. They can avail it when they make their first purchase, or give it out to friends. Remember that this goes true for all shoppers, whether it's an online pharmacy or not.

  • Delivered right from your neighborhood
If you're one of the few pharmacies in your local area with a physical and online store, this one's for you. Take advantage of your position as the local friendly neighborhood drugstore by making deliveries for online orders from your physical store. It's a well-documented fact that most customers remember where they had something delivered from if there's a physical store, rather than just online. Leverage your physical store and strengthen your position in the neighborhood as well as Internet market.

In a world of fraud, spam, and nigerian billionaires who'd want to wire you money just like that, establishing the legality of your online pharmacy not only adds to your reputation, it also enhances customer confidence to buy from you. Put up signs on your store that'll say, "hey i'm part of this ecommerce ring of trusthworthy merchants, maybe you'd like to order from me". Add snippets of medicinal information that'll add value to your products. Little tweaks like these add good value to everyday customer experience - and potentially boost your earnings, and who in their right minds wouldn't want that?
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