Free merchant Account Tip: Game the Players and Earn Big Bucks!

I can see your wallets smiling!

In the next few years, we should be expecting a huge boost in online shopping - billions and billions of dollars spent on online purchases - and there are no signs of slowdown. That means for every merchant there is - erase every, and insert legit - for legit merchants out there, this could be the next successful 5 years of your business.

For everyone who hasn't exactly transitioned to ecommerce, it's never too late. In fact, if you're in a quandary on what business to venture in, the stars are smiling at you today.

If you're a budding merchant, here's a free tip for you: the gaming industry accounts for the recent boost in online shopping.

Ecommerce has been so succesful in promoting different businesses (clothes retail, travel, etc) and this includes the gaming industry. The gaming industry is so huge - there's online gaming (world of warcraft where the stakes are high), there's online gambling, and there's the retail gaming community.

When we talk about retail gaming, we're talking video games, consoles, and accessories for them. It includes the recent success of Nintendo Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and the games accompanying them. As an entrepreneur, how can you successfully start your own retail gaming site?

A few tips:

  1. Get legitimate games

    You've seen it on Digg. Yes, there are countries who specialize in selling bootleg copies of console games - some work, but most of them don't. If you sell only legitimate games, you don't get any complaints from customers, and you get good reviews from your sources. In fact, don't stop on just selling games...

  2. Sell Accessories

    Selling accessories - such as remote controls, 3d glasses, etc can add value to the customer experience - and add money to your bank account too. Same as above, get legitimate or original items.

  3. Video killed the radio star

    Youtube is your friend. Uploading video samples of the games you sell, and redirecting them to your site can increase traffic as well as conversion.

  4. Credit Card Processing

    Get a free merchant account (whether you're start up merchant or not, they can handle different transaction volumes) and provide credit card processing on your site. A free merchant account can allow you to reach customers you might not otherwise reach, process in multiple currencies, and ease your transition from physical to an online store.

  5. Create a mini empire on your site - customer reviews, rants, everything and anything you sell on your site to enhance customer loyalty.

    User generated content is so powerful it has spawned thousands (millions perhaps?) of sites dedicated to hearing the voice (and reading the word) of the customer. In fact, this trend is currently being leveraged by different game console creators and they know for a fact that a word or two about a game can easily break down the product. It also enhances customer loyalty - crucial to business. Imagine if people relied on the reviews of the beta version of the soon to be released Halo 3- they wouldn't be getting a million pre-orders now would they? And what better way to enhance customer loyalty than by getting them to participate in your endeavors? In case of a media debacle, your customers should defend you - not you defending yourself - that's customer loyalty.

The retail gaming industry is growing and there's no better way to earn money online, than to tap this resource. It's not enough to plop down money to start an ecommerce site - you should be smarter than the rest and offer what no other gaming ecommerce site can offer. Enhance customer experience and you enhance your revenue. So play their game, and you might be playing with money soon.