How a free merchant account can help your nonprofit organization

Not everyone has a golden heart like you do - you who have built your life around pushing for causes other than yourself. You have unselfishly devoted your life towards making this world a better place - be it a non-profit organization in the environment or humanitarian field.

Whether you're an advocate for Greenpeace, trying to raise funds for housing groups in third world countries or locating owners for abandoned pets, your charitable/non-profit organization can be better with a free merchant account.

For everyone's benefit, a Non-Profit Organization is an organization whose main purpose is to push an issue, a cause, which could be a matter of private or public concern. The purpose of such organization is non-commercial in nature. There is no profit to be derived from joining an NPO - in kind perhaps but never cash.

Normally, NPOs push for causes such as the environment, social/economic issues, humanitarian, politics, health, religion, sports, etc.

Where's free merchant account in the picture?

A Free merchant account can help in various ways to fund your NPO. Due to its non-commercial nature, money is hard to come by for NPOs, therefore the need to ask from generous people - often philanthropists - for funding. Aside from them, NPOs tap funding channels such as events both online and offline.

Recently, bloggers from around the world blogged for one whole day - each with time niches - as a fund raising event for a charitable institution. But you don't have to start events everyday just to tap the Internet users of the world.

By just having a free merchant account - you can.

  • Online donations
If your NPO has a website, you can easily put call to action buttons on the landing page with directions for donations online. By having a free merchant account, one can ask the visitors on your site for donations whether by credit cards or checking accounts.

  • Recurring Billing
Your visitors don't have to donate large amounts in just one instance - they can opt to donate every month, or quarterly if they prefer, with recurring billing. Patrons can simply enroll their accounts under the recurring billing option and they no longer have to worry if they've given to their chosen NPO. Money is deducted from their accounts to be credited to your NPO. In addition, most visitors will appreciate the flexibility you offer when it comes to making donations. A little goes a long way.

  • No Time Constraints
If you have a physical office, donations can be made during regular working hours - however, if you have a website and a free merchant account, your patrons can make donations in the comfort of their own homes as well as their preferred time. The ungodly hours can be kind to you when you see the numerous donations made during those times.

  • Wider Network
You don't have to worry about patrons who are out of town - they just have to visit your site and they can make donations from anywhere in the world. As an added bonus, your free merchant account can accept donations from other people you wouldn't otherwise reach with just your physical office. Exposure of your cause can be heightened with your website, and donations can be greater with your free merchant account.

  • No currency restrictions
If you have patrons from other countries, your free merchant account can accept their donations. Even if the currency is different from yours. There is no currency restriction to speak of.

Look at Free Merchant Account as your friend - a patron of sorts for your Non-Profit Organization. Providing ways to make donations can increase the funding required for your NPO. Take advantage of the Internet and make it easier for your patrons and constituents to continue supporting your causes.
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